Garage Door Repair Tips and Tricks

The garage door is a simple device that goes up and down allowing us to enter the garage, park our car and do odd jobs on the weekend.  Like any other door in our homes the garage door will sometimes become jammed, the sensors for the automatic opener will fail and the dreaded half open, half closed nightmare.  When working with a garage door these are only a few of the issues you may face.  Most often, time is an issue and same day garage repair services willow springs services are available to fix problems fast. If you have time, and the skills, here are some solutions that will help you.

The garage door is jammed

This is a common one that people will typically freak out about.  First off don’t panic.  Second look at the track.  In most cases something may have gotten jammed in the track.  This can be a simple rock, some dirt or other foreign material.  To fix it carefully get onto a step ladder and run your fingers around the track where the door has jammed.  If there is a foreign object, remove it.  If the track is bent or otherwise damaged further assistance may be needed.

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The door is in the locked position

This is another possible reason why your door is jammed.  On the front of the door there is a handle that when turned will lock the door.  If somehow this has happened then turning the handle may cause it to unlock allowing it to become unjammed.

Off the track

The operation process of a garage door is not complicated.  It is basically a door connected with hinges with wheels on the side that run along a track.  If your door is jammed then consider looking at the track and make sure that the wheel is seated firmly and rolls freely. 

When it comes to fixing your garage door these tips will typically solve your problem.  However, if your issues go beyond these simple checks of the system then hiring a repair team may be your best bet.