Simple Ways to Keep Cool in the Arizona Heat

Did you know that most people begin to sweat once temperatures outside reach 78 degrees? For Arizona residents, that temperature occurs at night and only gets hotter as the day progresses.  It is important to find every possible way to beat the heat when you live in a state that temperatures get so hot. How can you beat the heat and stay cool no matter how hot it gets outside?

Dress for the Weather

Summer clothing is lightweight, cool, comfy, and breathable. Carefully choose the clothing that you wear when the temps are at their hottest and you can stay cool all day long. Cotton and linen material are the best.

Close the Blinds

Do not make the mistake of keeping the blinds open when the sun is blazing down on you. This only heats up the room more and causes the A/C to work harder to keep things cool in the home.  Close the blinds and keep the heat out of the house.

Turn on the Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are pretty amazing. They circulate the air through the home and may allow you to turn down the A/C by a few degrees. The home instantly becomes cooler when the ceiling fan circulates air through the home.

Purchase a Good A/C

Your home can only get as cool as the air conditioning unit that’s cooling the home. Make sure you have one of the best arizona air conditioners around, that it is large enough for your home, and that it is correctly installed.

Call a Repairman

It is also important to call a repairman at the first sign of trouble to prevent major breakdown and trouble with the A/C unit. The A/C unit works hard to cool the home. Many issues may cause a breakdown but a repairman can resolve those issues in no time.

Go to the Swimming Pool

arizona air conditionersplanting a few shade trees

Better yet, install a swimming pool in your backyard. Nothing is more fun than taking a dip in the pool when it is hot outside. If you have your own swimming pool, that is easy to do whenever you’d like.

Plant Trees

Not inside the house, of course, planting a few shade trees in the front and/or backyard will cool down the home considerably during those hot summer days. You also do your part to help the environment, which is so important these days.

Keep it Off

Do not turn on the oven or the dryer during the day when it is hot and the sun is out. Wait to do these tasks at the end of the day after the sun has gone in for the day. It will keep the house cooler and save money on energy costs. Winning!

Last Word

There are a few ways to keep cool when the temps outside rise their hottest. The ideas above are among the tips to use to stay cool when you are hot. Don’t let another summer go by without using all the tips possible to stay cool.